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Lipshok – Gothic Rock/Symphonic Metal

LIPSHOK: Music that is all original, gothic, eternal, ethereal, dark, and mysterious, with haunting melodies, soaring vocals, and dynamic changes. The music will transport you to another realm where magick is real, dreams come true, dragons fly overhead, the Fae are powerful, the old Gods are worshipped, and all you see is ever-changing. Heavily influenced by progressive symphonic metal styles, and dimensional forevers, LIPSHOK will let your soul travel and your spirit wander…LIPSHOK: Another realm is waiting…

LIPSHOK is an original gothic rock/symphonic metal act out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Highly unique, Scarlett, the female lead vocalist/songwriter/keyboardist performs keyboards and vocals from the center of the stage live and leads the band with haunting melodic vocals and incredible songs with commercial hooks and mesmerizing compositions. Dynamic chord changes and with fantastic harmonies, LIPSHOK is a band that lets your soul travel to another reality, alternate dimensions, and magical realms. Along with Scarlett Dark is, Phil Jameson on bass, and Joe Londeree on drums, and on the newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” the guitar parts are played by Glen Avelais, who toured and played with Forbidden and Testament.

LIPSHOK is experienced, professional, with a varied background. For many years, LIPSHOK was a corporate dance/party band and even played at Santa Rita Jail 13 times as well as the Dublin Federal Penn twice! Needless to say, everyone loves a captive audience! Then in 2009, they returned the original scene, released a CD in 2010, “In Darkness, Light”, and then another CD at the end of 2013 “The Soul of a Broken Mind”. The next newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” was released 10/31/16 to rave reviews.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neRMxpfjbX4[/embedyt]

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctzIvfTREHQ[/embedyt]