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Moon Goddess Caravan – Belly Dance

Moon Goddess Caravan officially began in the late 90’s by a small group of dancers led by Gypsy (Mary Chapman) Folsom, California at Planet Earth Rising. It started with a small group of dancers and grew over the years into a fun creative group of friends and guest dancers, who continue to have a ball performing at gatherings, festivals, parties restaurants or any venue that welcomes creative eclectic Belly dance.



Lipshok – Gothic Rock/Symphonic Metal

LIPSHOK: Music that is all original, gothic, eternal, ethereal, dark, and mysterious, with haunting melodies, soaring vocals, and dynamic changes. The music will transport you to another realm where magick is real, dreams come true, dragons fly overhead, the Fae are powerful, the old Gods are worshipped, and all you see is ever-changing. Heavily influenced by progressive symphonic metal styles, and dimensional forevers, LIPSHOK will let your soul travel and your spirit wander…LIPSHOK: Another realm is waiting…

LIPSHOK is an original gothic rock/symphonic metal act out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Highly unique, Scarlett, the female lead vocalist/songwriter/keyboardist performs keyboards and vocals from the center of the stage live and leads the band with haunting melodic vocals and incredible songs with commercial hooks and mesmerizing compositions. Dynamic chord changes and with fantastic harmonies, LIPSHOK is a band that lets your soul travel to another reality, alternate dimensions, and magical realms. Along with Scarlett Dark is, Phil Jameson on bass, and Joe Londeree on drums, and on the newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” the guitar parts are played by Glen Avelais, who toured and played with Forbidden and Testament.

LIPSHOK is experienced, professional, with a varied background. For many years, LIPSHOK was a corporate dance/party band and even played at Santa Rita Jail 13 times as well as the Dublin Federal Penn twice! Needless to say, everyone loves a captive audience! Then in 2009, they returned the original scene, released a CD in 2010, “In Darkness, Light”, and then another CD at the end of 2013 “The Soul of a Broken Mind”. The next newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” was released 10/31/16 to rave reviews.



The Midtown Moxies – Burlesque

The Midtown Moxies Burlesque troupe were formed in late 2014 and have been packing the house ever since! You can see them every 1st Saturday at Midtown Barfly. The Moxies blend classic moves and elements with modern music,  sultry singing and hilarious comedy, creating diverse performances that please every guest!

The Midtown Moxies have performed faithfully at every NWCA event to date, including PanGaia 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 and Sacramento Witches’ Ball 2016 and 2017. They are truly part of our NWCA family and always perform their hearts out for us.

Verbatim Dance

Verbatim Dance, Dance Fusion Troupe of Sacramento.

Verbatim Dance is Hot Pot Studios professional collective of music-loving performance artists who have been performing locally and globally since 2005. Comprised of multi-talented teachers in belly dance, ITS, Pilate’s, and yoga, Verbatim Dance’s style has been coined, “An Exotic taste on a Rock ‘n Roll Palate.”

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Discordia – Symphonic Metal

Haunting, Edgy, and Melodic, Discordia brings the talents of Bobby Cannon, Becca McCabe, Joel Krueger & Aaron Jones and the incredible delivery of Cindy Cannon and you have a unique dark symphonic sound with an elegance that has found a legion of followers worldwide.

Discordia has been described as listening to a Metal version of old Hammer horror film soundtracks. According to The San Francisco National Examiner, the band “goes well beyond what most would consider a metal band,” to capture the core essence of their iconic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock forefathers with today’s modern sensibility.

Main songwriter Bobby Cannon and founder stated in Guitar Player Magazine “it was no easy task to find like-minded musicians to play music with. Everyone just wants to play Death Metal or Nu Metal. It also doesn’t help that the general public is being fed manufactured music from the mainstream media. ”

Discordia brings the talents of respected touring veterans Bobby Cannon, and Joel Krueger.

Becca McCabe brings the symphonic element to the band with her years of classical training and being able to score and orchestrate music. Add the incredible vocal delivery of Cindy Cannon and you have a unique dark symphonic sound with an elegance that has found a legion of followers worldwide.

With the 2015 release of the band’s debut self-titled EP and a full-length album on the way, Discordia has been on heavy rotation on every major metal internet radio station. They have been interviewed and praised continuously all across the globe on numerous online magazines.

Where do they go from here? Discordia will continue to push themselves further to create an unforgettable collection of timeless Symphonic Metal that will continue to win the hearts of Metal lovers worldwide.

Currently, the band and their appealing, entrancing female cohorts have been invited to open for Saxon and will be touring soon up and down the west coast tearing up music venues in cities like Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Vallejo, Reno, and Vegas with their brand of music.

Lastly, Discordia is writing and recording new songs with a new single and video to be released soon for their enraptured fans.

“The music is both dynamic and progressive, while maintaining an accessibility and melodic sensibility that transcends the progressive metal genre.”

GENRE: Dark Female Fronted Symphonic Metal.

SOUNDS LIKE: Epica, Nightwish, Opeth, Kamelot, Nevermore, Black Sabbath

Cindy Cannon: Lead Vocals
Bobby Cannon: Guitars / Vocals
Becca McCabe: Keyboards / Vocals
Joel Krueger: Bass / Vocals

Aaron Jones:  Drums

Anamnesis (Featuring Melody Hartman)
Rise (To The New Dawn)
Weaving Madness
Legacy of Hate


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Scott Thomas
sthomas9 @austin.rr. com

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O’Craven – Celtic Pirate Rock

O’CRAVEN is Northern California’s BEST and MOST INFAMOUS Celtic Pirate Rock band! Anchored in San Jose, California, O’Craven plunders all along the West Coast, from the sunny shores of southern California, to the cold waters of the pacific northwest, and all points in between. Originally conceived in 2006, O’Craven was the first band to combine the genres of traditional Celtic music, Pirate sea shanties and Rock ‘n’ Roll, under the banner of Celtic, Pirate, Rock. Since then, others have come and gone but none can do it better, or have the reputation and long history of delivering such an exciting, unforgettable, one of a kind show, like no other out there!

They have been making waves in the California music scene ever since, playing with bands of all types (Rock, Blues, Metal, Punk, Traditional Celtic, Ska and Folk), and at venues large and small (Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, Charity events, and Clubs). With hard-driving rock beats, traditional Celtic rhythms, powerful sea shanties, and well-crafted original songs, O’Craven always leaves crowds wanting more and is the talk of any festival or venue they play.

O’Craven can cover three full-length sets with well over three hours of music, and with a great mix of Celtic songs, Pirate sea shanties and original Celtic/pirate inspired rock songs!

Not only are the members of O’Craven all very accomplished musicians, professional, easy to work with and always punctual, they also have the unique instrument lineup of banjo, fiddle, mandolin, electric bagpipes, tin whistle, concertina, guitar, bass and drums. O’Craven always puts on an explosive, dynamic and exciting stage show complete with costumes, dramatic black light makeup and stage props (depending on venue limitations) which helps transports the audience to a Celtic, Pirate, Rock adventure, which features interactive crowd components with an energy that is contagious!