Sacramento Witches’ Ball

After several years of hosting the Sacramento Witches’ Ball, North Western Circles Association has made the decision to no longer host this annual event. Life changes with everyone on the board of directors of NWCA forced us to narrow our focus to only PanGaia Festival to give it the best we’ve got. We wish all of you a delicious and magical descent into the dark of the year. Be sure to join us for PanGaia Festival ( and give your support to Sacramento Pagan Pride ( in September (We don’t host that festival, even though many people believe we do – they have their own planning committee). We thank the community for attending this event and extend a special, heartfelt thank you to the wonderful entertainers, especially the Midtown Moxies and Obsidian Butterfly, for sharing their talent with us for this special fund-raiser.

Blessings to you all,

Katrina, Wren, Eric, Dru, & Lily.

Sponsored by North Western Circles Association